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Home Assessments

Our certified Senior Home Safety Specialists (SHSS) will conduct a in depth room-by-room assessment of your home to:

  1. Identify any issues that are, or can become, a tripping or other hazard in your home, and
  2. Identify items that could be installed in your home to make it easier for you to move around and be more comfortable in your day-to-day life.

We will record all of our findings in a report and return to your home to discuss the changes we recommend and why they would be beneficial or increase your safety.  We encourage you have to other family members available when we discuss the report as we know your loved ones are vested in your independence and safety.

Ease-of-Use Improvements

Ease-of-Use items and modifications that we can provide are designed to promote independence by helping to make everyday tasks a little easier.

  • Door Handle Upgrade
  • Faucet Handle Upgrade
  • Toilet-activated Faucet
  • Hand-held Showerhead
  • Indoor Lighting Vacancy Sensor
  • Raise/Lower Bed
  • Replace Light Switches
  • Lower Adjustable Shelving

Safety Improvements

We can provide numerous safety and modifications designed to ensure that everyday tasks do not become a safety hazard. Our staff will also bring to your attention any potential safety issue that could arise

  • Outdoor Wheel Chair Ramp
  • Indoor Threshold Ramp
  • Grab Bar (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Shower Chair & Bathroom Transfer Bench
  • Anti-scald Thermostatic Shower Valve
  • Motion-activated Light (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • LED Nightlights & Bulbs
  • Deadbolt Locks
  • Smoke/CO Detector
  • Upgrade House Address Numbers
  • Smart Video Doorbell
  • Other High-Tech Safety Measures

Age Smart

Technology is not just for the young anymore!!!  Technology can now help ensure your safety at home. Our Age Smart products will give you more confidence in your ability to live alone.  These products can assist you in living independently by giving your loved ones, who don’t live with you, the ability to make sure you are safe and healthy every day.

  • Door/Window Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Fall Detection Pendant
  • Talking 180 Degree Wellcam
  • Chair Sensor
  • Bed Sensor
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Smart Door Lock
  • Touchscreen Control Panel

The website shows examples.  We offer a wide-range of custom-tailored solutions to meet your unique and aesthetic preferences.

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